Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dresser to Pie Safe

As a child, we found this antique pie safe on the side of the road that I have always loved.  A pie safe is basically a cabinet where the sides and front are screened so that you can store your pies and keep the bugs off.  We have used that pie safe for years and my mom still uses it to house the grand-kids dishes and things.  They don't make those anymore, not that I have seen anyway.

I found this dresser on the side of the road a few weeks ago.  I left it sitting outside exposed to the elements and we had a lot of rain.  The rain did not do any favors to this cheap dresser.  In case you didn't know, these cheap dressers are made of press board....think saw dust mixed with a bonding agent and pressed into a board....and then covered with laminate.  They are NOT made to last a long time.

As you can see, the top was warped and coming apart.

The side was a little beaten up...ok, broken...  I knew I was going to have to do some work to make this piece into anything.  I just didn't know what.  At first I thought I could do a simple repair job, paint it and sell it...then it rained that I knew more work was going to have to happen.  I even thought about hauling it back down to the road because I was tired of it sitting in my driveway.  

That's when inspiration hit.  I was actually cleaning a house at the time (that's my day job) when I had this moment of clarity.  I don't have a very large kitchen, but I have a house FULL of people. We have lots of things that sit on the counter...and we have very little food prep area.  So I thought...I could turn this thing into a pie safe!  The best part is...I didn't have to spend ANY money.  YES!  A project with a no money investment...lets get started!

I have this cutting tool.  That's all I know about it honestly.  Someone gave it to me so I was having to read the instructions to see what it would do.  It worked great though, I will say that!

I cut out the sides.  I know the lines aren't straight, they were going to be covered so I didn't care.

I broke off two the the drawer supports to make the openings wider so I could actually store stuff inside.  I then installed braces (sorry no picture for that) to support the weight and then installed shelves and a new back.

I am replacing my privacy fence one board at a time so I had a few boards lying around.  Not going to waste wood if I don't have to!  I created what will become the new sides.  This is just the frame, I added screen to it before I attached it.

I didn't get pictures of the whole process, but I cut, sanded and attached a new front and top.  I love how it turned out.  I will be making doors for it soon, I just didn't have any hinges right now.  So here is my no cost dresser to pie safe!!

I love the top.  The wood is just beautiful.

Himpowered~Phil. 4:13


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