Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little wood and burlap

I have been having fun making things lately.   Pushing my abilities and talents.  Last night it rained so I couldn't get outside and work on what I really wanted to do. I had started these frames several weeks ago and finally took the time to finish them.  I know these are horrible pictures...I need to take lessons in photography apparently...but I love these little frames.  They are so fun and something a little different.

This one needs a better picture, but I was trying to find pictures that weren't already framed.  I love this fun flower.  The burlap is such a neat touch.

I used some orange sisal here for this flower.  Very simple flower with a blue center.  Clothes pins hold the pictures.

This one is my favorite!  Love this frame and the flowers.  The sisal is a fun touch.

Who can resist a chevron burlap bow!?  I love this precious frame.  

All the frames are made with recycled wood and have a dowel rod stand and are all for sale. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one or all of these precious frames!